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Created by Women for Women. MyJane is a community to empower women to make educated choices about how cannabis can play a role in their wellness.

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Quality cannabis solutions, curated & vetted to address the biggest wellness issues for women.

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Why MyJane

Created by women for women, MyJane is a community enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices about cannabis.

We started with research. We tried edibles, tinctures, sublinguals, topicals, vaporizers and beverages (we know you’ll LOVE the tea).

Next, we talked with cannabis brands that care about women to learn even more about ingredient sourcing, dosing, sizing, packaging and more.

We brought together a team of female brand ambassadors to deliver to your door at your convenience.

Finally, we built a simple, secure technology platform so you can give us feedback on product efficacy and enjoyment.

That’s the power of women helping women feel better.

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“I started learning about cannabis when my stepmom was diagnosed with cancer. Once I dove into the research, I began using cannabis for my day-to-day health and have never looked back. My daily anxiety is gone.”

-Amanda Crawford

“I’ve always been one to speak up for something I believe in. I have found that consuming cannabis at social gatherings or winding down at night has positively affected me. Cannabis has always been my roadmap of staying grounded and continues to broaden my outlook on life in general. I believe cannabis makes us more understanding people.”

– Jeannie Sanders

“After experiencing painful tension, stress, acid reflux and stomach ulcers on a daily basis for years, I was admitted to the hospital in early 2017. Since radically altering my diet and incorporating CBD drops and cannabis salve rubs into my stress management I feel balanced, connected and healthy again.”

– Allison Patton