About MyJane

Why I Created MyJane

I learned recently that a dear relative of mine was taking cannabis to help her wean off opioids that her doctors had been prescribing to her for years. Even though she had beaten cancer, the lasting pain associated with her surgeries was debilitating and stripping her of her active and vibrant life.  A trusted friend of hers had recommended cannabis as a potential alternative to her opioid use and after a little trial and error, she was able to reduce her opioid consumption by 50 percent. Today, she is almost 100 percent free of this over-prescribed drug and back to driving, going to church and playing with her grandchildren. Incredible!

When I learned about her struggle, I cried. Then I got mad. Why isn’t cannabis offered as an alternative to opioids or other prescription drugs? What other aspects of health and wellness that could be addressed with various cannabis products — especially for women — are being overlooked and ignored? I decided to turn my anger into action and created MyJane. I want every woman to have the ability to empower herself to make her life and the lives of her loved ones better.

Kimberly Kovacs, Founder

Leading This Community

We want to give women the confidence — through education, accessibility and community — to make informed health and wellness choices about cannabis. It’s not only our goal; it’s what we’ve learned women want by asking them directly.

Read our news release announcing our findings about women’s wellness and the expansion of our executive team.

MyJane is the inspiration of a passionate group of leaders who care about women and believe that better decision making begins with better access to options. Get to know our founding team.

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