We Talk Topicals with Dr. Michele Ross on Ep4 of MyJane MyStory

We Talk Topicals with Dr. Michele Ross on Ep4 of MyJane MyStory

Dr. Michele Ross joins MyJane Chief Experience Officer, Michelle Patterson on Episode 4 of MyJane MyStory.

Neuroscientist, Dr. Ross shares her cannabis journey and creating the first 501c3 for cannabis and women’s research. As well as MyJane Advisory Board member, Dr. Ross teaches at the Holistic Cannabis Academy and is CEO of Infused Health, read more in her book Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency.

LISTEN IN to hear Dr. Ross share her thoughts on cannabis for wellness as Michelle Patterson asks:

– How Dr. Michele Ross got involved with cannabis despite her extremely conservative upbringing and desire to help people with drug addictions

–  Why Dr. Ross believes in the power of cannabis to help relieve the opioid addiction epidemic, lessen the need for prescriptions, and reduce alcohol consumption

–  What Dr. Ross did to finally get relief for pinched nerves when other treatments didn’t work (hint: she got relief with topical cannabis and restored function in her hand without surgery)

You can learn more about how cannabis can help you sleep and take the Sleep Quiz from Dr. Michele Ross HERE


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