Why I’m So Passionate about Cannabis Education on Ep2 of MyJane MyStory

Why I’m So Passionate about Cannabis Education on Ep2 of MyJane MyStory

Our mission at MyJane is to demystify the cannabis experience for women, empowering you to make informed health and wellness choices for yourself and those you love. MyJane Chief Experience Officer, Michelle Patterson, talks candidly with Amanda Crawford, Wellness Director at MyJane on Episode 2 of MyJane My Story. Amanda shares her background, reasons for starting her cannabis journey and her passion for cannabis education.

LISTEN IN as Michelle and Amanda discuss: 

– Amanda’s journey into cannabis for wellness, shifting from being complacent to being really excited about the health benefits and opportunities in cannabis  

– Why investing in cannabis is a smart decision 

– How cannabis has helped alcoholics release from addiction and provided relief for aggressive brain cancer

– How different consumption methods can promote peaceful sleep or reduce pain and how it can help you feel better


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If you are unsure where to start on your own wellness journey into cannabis, please reach out to your MyJane Wellness Concierge on 833-MYJANE2

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