4 Ways to Consume Cannabis for Sleep

4 Ways to Consume Cannabis for Sleep

Sleep hugely impacts your physical and mental health. When you sleep well, you have a clearer mind, your mood is better, and you are more energized! When you don’t sleep well, it can negatively affect your health. You may have had sleeping pills prescribed but often many of these solutions have undesirable side effects.

We surveyed over 40,000 women and discovered that your #1 fight is a sleepless night. That’s why at MyJane we want to give YOU the Gift of Sleep! We’re curating the best cannabis products tailored to support rest and relaxation in our Gift of Sleep MyJane Box.

We’ve curated a list of the top consumption methods featured in our MyJane boxes to help you understand how cannabis can help you sleep better, naturally.

Cannabis and Sleep

According to Dr. Michael Brues, PhD, cannabis can help insomnia and other sleep problems. Studies show that cannabis shortens the time it takes to fall asleep – an average of 30 minutes faster than usual – Read the study here

The top four cannabis consumption methods are:

Inhalation (vape pens): Vaping is an excellent introduction to cannabis, and why we focus on this method of inhalation at MyJane. Very discreet and easy to use, vape pens are ideal if you’re looking to feel the effects quickly. Best practice when using a vape pen is to wait 15 minutes before taking another puff after the initial inhale. Vaping is ideal for when you want to get to sleep fast – you can feel the impact within 1-15 minutes.

Ingestion (edibles, teas, and more): This method of consumption offers extended relief. Start low & slow; begin with a low dose & wait 2 hours before consuming more to find out what works for you. Metabolism, stomach contents and other factors can vary the effect. You can expect to feel the impact within 1-2 hours,  so this is the perfect consumption method for easing into sleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

Oral Absorption (tinctures, sublingual strips and more): Concentrated cannabis in the form of tinctures, tablinguals and new forms are constantly emerging! Alcohol-based or oil-based tinctures can be mixed with beverages or dropped directly under the tongue. Other applications are catching on due to their faster onset time than traditional edibles. This is another great option when it comes to sleeping soundly.

Topical (balms, salves and more): Build cannabis-infused lotions and balms into your wind-down routine. They are applied directly to the skin, providing localized relief of pain, soreness and inflammation. Perfect to calm the body before bedtime for relief without a high, as they typically do not produce a psychoactive effect.


For more information on the best method for you or if you are unsure where to start on your own wellness journey into cannabis, please reach out to your MyJane Wellness Concierge on 833-MYJANE2