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Kim Kovaks is a Gamechanger

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Big congrats to our MyJane Co-founder Kim Kovacs. She’s a woman of influence and a champion of women everywhere. Kim was selected as a finalist to receive the Gamechanger Award at the 2019 Women of Influence Awards in Orange County presented by Connected Women of Influence.

It’s no surprise that Kim was one of four finalists selected in her award category and was invited to be recognized on stage where the award winners were announced during a luncheon and awards ceremony. She was in great company with a full house of supporters who champion women leaders and organizations that support women’s advancement in business, industry and enterprise! 

Her work was honored in celebration of Women’s History Month to recognize women who lead the way in business, industry, and enterprise, along with the organizations and individuals that champion women leaders!  Thanks to Connected Women of Influence for hosting this event.

Connected Women of Influence have a mission to build a strong, professional community that fosters growth, support and collaboration through the development of high-performing professional relationships, alliances and partnerships among b2b women owners, executives and professionals. They believe in professional women women coming together with the sole purpose of supporting one another professionally leads to better advocacy on behalf of each other. Each year they seek nominations for their annual Women of Influence Awards. Women are nominated based on significant contributions in their profession, industry or enterprise with a track record of change, innovation, inspiration, accomplishments and/or achievements.

Their mission ties in beautifully with the mission of MyJane. Created by women for women, MyJane is a new wellness community designed to empower women to feel better. Through education, accessibility, and community, we normalize the cannabis experience by enabling women to make informed health and wellness choices for themselves and those they love.

At MyJane we plan to normalize cannabis use and amplify the wellness of women. Our team is dedicated to removing stigmas, educating about the health benefits and giving you access to products that help you feel better.

Last month Kim moderated the first ever cannabis panel for LAVA (The Los Angeles Venture Association). ‘Women in Cannabis: Women Entrepreneurs Forging New Paths in The Cannabis Industry’ was hosted in conjunction with the newly defined Green LAVA, which is solely focused on cannabis. Click here to learn more about that.

Stay connected to see what’s next. We have some BIG sleep solutions in store for you soon.

It’s time to own your wellness.



MyJane Chief Experience Officer

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“Her work was honored in celebration of Women’s History Month to recognize women who lead the way in business, industry, and enterprise, along with the organizations and individuals that champion women leaders!

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