Health & Wellness Tips from the MyJane Team

Here at MyJane we’re dedicated to helping women feel better by providing education and access to information that can amplify your health. As we celebrate Women’s Health Week we’ve compiled our top health and wellness tips from our MyJane team.

This is how we do wellness at MyJane!

Our Director of Wellness, Amanda, focuses on intuitive eating and meditation.

Amanda says, “I try to follow an 80/20 rule for my diet. 80% proteins, veggies, and healthy fats and when I do have something that is a little more indulgent I make sure not to beat myself up over it. I’m conscious about being present with my food and my body responds well when I engage and try to make decisions based on tuning into what my body wants or needs without judgment. And,  try to meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes each morning. Just getting that time to breathe and let thoughts flow through helps build my resiliency and clarity for the day.


Intuitive eating is a method of creating a healthy relationship with food via mind and body awareness. The goal is to ditch the diet mentality, make peace with food, eliminate negative self-talk when you indulge, move your body, eat when you’re hungry (and stop when you’re full), respect your body and, most importantly, honor your health.


Meditation is a method of quieting the mind and being present in the moment. There are many types of mediation and some of the science/evidence based benefits of meditation include enhancing self-awareness, improving attention span, reducing stress, controlling anxiety, strengthening emotional health, improving sleep, reducing pain, lowering blood pressure and increasing kindness.

Our Creative Director, Imogen, practices KonMari and runs.

Imogen shares, “To calm my mind, I KonMari my apartment! I’m organizing everything and enjoy the ritual of cleaning to cleanse my living space and mind. It’s very therapeutic and meditative for me. Plus, I try to get outside and run, although I never like the thought of it, I feel so much better if I’ve been running for the rest of the day!”


The KonMari method made popular by Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is a method of organizing based on keeping only that which sparks joy. Being organized has many health benefits such as reducing stress depression,improving relationships, boosting productivity, and helping you sleep better.


Running is known to have mental and physical benefits including improving your cardiovascular health, improving joint health and enhancing mental wellbeing. There are three main types of running, jogging, distance running and sprinting and all of them can improve your health.

Our Program Coordinator, Jacqueline, hydrates and practices digital detox.

Jacqueline shares “ I drink lots of water. Eight glasses a day is the goal! I give myself a break from screen time by not checking social media after 9PM.”


Hydrating with water is one of the best things you can do to support a healthy immune system. Drinking water, especially filtered water, is known to promote healthy weight management and weight loss, flush toxins out of your body, increase brain power, prevents headaches and more. It’s best to ditch plastic bottles when at all possible. It’s better for you and for the environment.


Digital detoxes are important when it comes to limiting screen time spend on electronics. Studies show that too much exposure to electronics can negatively impact your sleep, relationships and even self-esteem. Unplugging is recommended by experts and you can use that extra time to interact with people you love, unwind and workout.

Our Director of Administration, Jeannie, enjoys nature and meal preps.

Jeannie says, “ I get a morning run in 3 times a week (always outside in nature). I also designate  Sunday as chore day (e a day for meal prep and household chores).”


Getting out into nature is one of the best ways to reset your mindset. Research shows that spending time in nature can improve health and happiness. It’s known for improving vitality and mood, strengthening mental wellbeing, and restoring attention capacity. Earthing or grounding, the act of putting your bare feet in the grass is also known to reduce positive ions in your body. Positive ions zap your energy whereas negative ions recharge you. It sounds counterintuitive but the earth literally supplies you with electrons to balance your energy.


Meal prepping before the work week beings helps you take control of your eating habits by planning your meals. It saves time and money and reduces stress. Plus it eliminated the urge to fuel your body with fast food.

Our Director of Product Management, Christine, gets her steps in and keeps it green.

Christine reveals, “Walking 10K steps a day and eating leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables on a weekly basis are my go-to wellness routines.”

Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. It’s free and it’s easy. Walking is known for strengthening the body including bones, reducing weight, improving hypertension, joint pain and even lowering cholesterol levels.


The benefits of adding leafy greens, broccoli and other vegetables to your diet are endless (especially when you go organic). These vegetables are rich in nutrients and vitamins and have been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer and decrease inflammation.

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