Introducing the MyJaneMyStory Radio Show

We’re delighted to invite you to listen in to our MyJane My Story radio show on OC Talk Radio, where we educate you about cannabis. Every journey is unique, every path is special, so we decided to create MyJane My Story to share the stories of, resources discovered, and information from well known experts in this space.

These are real stories from real people and experts who are searching for solutions to their challenges. Our guests are making major differences in their lives and the lives of those around them by including cannabis as part of their daily routine and lifestyle.

We hope that these personal stories might inspire others and guide women of all ages to find their own path to own their own personal wellness, not just for themselves but those around them.

Listen in as our MyJane Founder and CEO Kim Kovacs and Chief Experience Officer Michelle Patterson share:

  • Why they created this wellness platform to unite 1 million women via cannabis by 2020
  • The healing journey Kim’s mother-in-law experienced that led her to use cannabis as a solution to wean herself off opiates
  • Michelle’s passion for the MyJane platform and how she came to believe in the benefits of cannabis when it helped her mother eliminate sleeping pills and get a good night’s sleep, naturally.

You can follow our show on SoundCloud (be sure to “like” the show, hit the follow button to get updates, and share with your community). Click here to listen to the first episode of MyJane My Story.

Our focus at MyJane is women helping women get well through community, education and exploration of cannabis solutions to address your biggest health concerns like sleep, pain, and stress. We’d love to hear your stories, too! Join our community at or call your Wellness Concierge with your canna-curious questions at 833-MyJane2.

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