Lululemon “You Elevated”

Lululemon “You Elevated”

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You Elevated: Living Your Best Life Through CBD

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Put YOUR oxygen mask on first! Every routine needs to elevate and amplify your focus on health. If you don’t do it, no one else will!

This was a big part of our discussion at the You Elevated Wellness Collaboration at lululemon on Fashion Island. We got real and passionate about how to  live your best life and how the use of CBD can help make that a reality. I shared my personal experience and the impact that prescription sleep aids had on my mother. It was this very hard and personal journey that led me to find the right solutions for her and it included  CBD to this day. And, for the record, she’s now sleeping soundly thanks to these natural solutions.

I was honored to be invited to speak as an authority who is leading the movement to demystify and normalize cannabis. Here at MyJane, we are creating a community of one million women united by cannabis solutions and the positive impact it has on lives. We’re talking better sleep, less pain, reduced stress and more. I shared how our expert Experience Advisers are testing and vetting over 1500 products to ensure only the best are curated for our members. And, to top off all that , our female Brand Ambassadors  deliver your personalized Box of hand- selected canna-products right to YOUR doorstep. MyJane is making history and its mark on the world with our personal cannabis delivery targeted to women’s wellness–and industry, industry experts are taking notice. In fact, Raiko Munankarmi, MD of Hoag Hospital is interested in making MyJane boxes available for their cancer patients!

Right before my talk I spoke with my friend David Kahan the CEO of Birkenstock. He has been such a support of our MyJane movement and was jazzed that we were at lululemon. He said “That is so great that you’re there, MyJane is doing exactly what lulumeon did to change the lives of women in the back of athletics sweatshops. You’re finding solutions for women.”


Brenna Dywer of Class Relieve brought  us all together with a pop-healing center to kick things off and create a sense of community. I LOVED this because MyJane is all about community and we want you to join us on our global movement.

I joined Cheyana Van Dender of VerVefy, Will McMahon of Bhang Chocolate, Lyna Thompson of the 420 Book Society, Chef Matt, Founder along with Rico Tarver, Partner and Founder of DBDaily Eats, to present information on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. Many influencers in the cannabis space also enjoyed the evening with us, including Sweet Jane Magazine, Philip Reventish of Gotta Story, Kokonola, PunkRawBoss and High Times. We are joining forces to END the stigma of cannabis once and for all!

Taryn Toomey from The Class provided additional wellness tips that tied in beautifully with lululemon’s fitness wear.  For more about the event from VerVefy go here.

Key message here is; Own Your Wellness! In this constantly changing world of wellness, it’s crucial to stop, think and listen to what can make a difference and enable you to take time to put your wellness first. This is the ONLY way you can show up as your most elevated self, always. Reclaim your health today and call MyJane! My mission is to help you on your path to wellness and it starts with you. Make the decision and take a step in the right direction. A  great place to start is to get well through rest and a good night’s sleep. Our new Gift of Sleep Box is almost here and I can’t wait for you to realize the difference a great night of sleep can make!

Call/Text your MyJane Wellness Advocates Today to ask your canna-curious questions, learn more about our community, our movement and what’s in the thoughtfully curated Box, 833-MyJane2. You can also learn more here


Women, it’s TIME to own your wellness!

Michelle Patterson

MyJane Chief Experience Officer

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The world of wellness is constantly changing, and it’s crucial in today’s fast-paced world to take time to put yourself first, so that you can show up as your most elevated self, always.”

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