MyJane Top 10: Sleep Solutions

To celebrate Women’s Health Week, the MyJane team shared our favorite health and wellness tips. We decided to dig a little deeper and compile our top 10 sleep solutions, too.  

After conducting a survey of over 40,000 women, we know your #1 fight is a sleepless night and we’re dedicated to giving you the gift of sleep.

Here are some ways you can get sweet dreams:

Here are the top 10 sleep solutions for women from our MyJane team:

  1. Exercise: A regular exercise routine will help you catch more Zzzs.
  2. Meditation: Incorporate short meditations and mindfulness practices.
  3. Epsom salt baths: A warm bath can relax and reset.
  4. Nap: Catch a power nap to reset.
  5. Take your breaks: Step away from the computer and schedule time for you during the day (this means eating lunch, staying hydrated and NOT working through the weekend to get the rest you need).
  6. A clean diet: Eliminate processed foods to fuel your body proper properly and don’t eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  7. Laughter: Catch a comedy show or watch a movie. Laughter is good for the soul!
  8. Bedtime rituals: Create a ritual with your favorite sleep-inducing activities like reading a good book, meditating, or enjoying a hot cup of tea.
  9. Sleep masks: Block out any distracting light with a sleep mask to sleep better.
  10. Electronic detox: One hour before bed, turn off your electronics (including your WiFi). Remove your cell phone and all electronics from your bedroom.

These tips are a great starting point. When you want to fall asleep even faster, consider sampling the products we’ve carefully vetted in our MyJane Box.

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To learn more and order your thoughtfully curated MyJane Box call to speak with a Wellness Concierge at 1-833-MyJane2 or join our community here.

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