7 Small Reminders for National Wellness Month

7 Small Reminders for National Wellness Month

At MyJane we’re dedicated to helping you Own Your Wellness™ and our team is dedicated to living the MyJane mission. We’ve compiled 7 simple tips to help you celebrate National Wellness Month and make your own health and wellness priority #1.

  1. Water, water, water – drink more water is a good rule for everyone
  2. Get enough sleep – read about why sleep is important here
  3. Commit to exercise – weekly, daily, whatever your body responds to best
  4. Limit screen time – tempting as it is to scroll first thing, limit screens in the morning and evening
  5. Eat healthily and balanced – try to include a wide variety of colors and sources
  6. Enjoy time with friends and family – make time to catch up with the people that mean the most to you
  7. Laugh more – be around activities, pets, and people that make you laugh

All of these reminders can elevate your routine and can help you feel better every day. Read more from our MyJane team who share how they incorporate health and wellness into their own daily routines:

My Wellness from the MyJane Team

Wellness Tips From Inside the MyJane Team


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