The MyJane Box

Based on your personal wellness profile, MyJane selects an assortment of therapeutic cannabis products, and our all-female team of brand ambassadors will deliver them to your home.


Product selection could include cannabis-based vape pens, body scrubs, edibles, topicals, tinctures, sublinguals, beverages and more to give women the opportunity to try cannabis in a variety of forms.


Order online or call a MyJane wellness advocate today 949.335.7343.


When you place your order you’re eligible to apply to be an experienced adviser to help us select the best of the best and get additional products for only a penny.



What's in the box?

We’ll build your MyJane experience box based on the responses you provided creating your wellness profile.


Each curated box features seven to 10 cannabis products presented in experiences sizes, designed to allow you to try these products over several days or uses — not quite full size, but far more than sample size, and just the right size to give members a full experience for evaluation.


Your box could include products like:


  • Topicals applied to your skin, including lotions, scrubs and serums
  • Edible food or beverages infused with cannabis
  • Liquid, oral tinctures extracts
  • Sublingual liquid or tablets administered under the tongue
  • Vape pens to inhale


Each MyJane experience box is $125 including taxes and scheduled delivery. Full size versions of the same products would cost you $350. 


Your MyJane experience will be fulfilled by ShowGrow, a licensed medical and recreational cannabis facility based in Santa Ana, Calif.




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