Wellness Tips From Inside the MyJane Team

Wellness Tips From Inside the MyJane Team

We’re still celebrating National Women’s Health Week at MyJane!

Here’s how some of our key players invest in themselves and their health:

MyJane Founder & CEO, Kim Kovacs
– “Taking time out to unwind with a massage is one of my favorite ways to practice self-care. The beach is one of my favorite places to be! I enjoy long walks on the shoreline and reading is an excellent way for me to relax.”

Massage is well-known to help relieve anxiety, it can also help eliminate headaches and massages regularly could improve sleep patterns. The power of the human touch is extremely healing. Therapist, Virginia Satir once said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” Awww!

MyJane VP Marketing & Operations, Carolyn
– “I drink a good amount of water daily which really helps me feel better. I  surround myself with good authentic people in and out of work and I always choose natural medicinal solutions before considering Rx or typical over-the-counter meds.”

Our Social Media Manager, Danielle
“On Sundays, I like to take advantage of the free yoga classes at the beach near my home. It’s nice to center myself before starting a new week. I also took up cross-stitching recently and was surprised at how relaxing it is. Plus, it’s a good creative outlet.”

MyJane Chief Experience Officer, Michelle Patterson
– “I love dancing! It’s another way to get out and move and get your groove on. It’s fun AND healthy. I’m also focused on eating healthy foods to improve my overall well-being. It’s amazing what a difference organic produce and natural supplements can make.”

All exercise is good for the soul, plus dancing is even better as it can be fun!! Dancing is often considered a recreational activity and often the positive physical, mental and social health benefits can be overlooked.

Content Strategist & Copywriter for MyJane, Lisa
“I attend one hour of sound baths several times a month to enjoy the healing benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Bowls. Twenty minutes of sound therapy equates to approximately one hour of sleep and regenerates cells. I also workout two to four times a week at Barre Fitness classes or Crossfit training to unwind, I walk in nature whenever possible.”

Music and sound therapy have been used throughout the ages to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. The vibrations are said to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, and improve breathing. Sound healing is considered a type of meditation.

That’s a quick snapshot into the wellness routines of our team here at MyJane, we’re dedicated to helping you Own Your Wellness™ and living the MyJane mission. More from our team here. 


If you are unsure where to start on your own wellness journey into cannabis, please reach out to your MyJane Wellness Concierge on 833-MYJANE2

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