Why Women Use Cannabis

Nov 30, 2018

If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, why would we expect their experiences with cannabis to be the same?

Yet, like so many other aspects of health and wellness, much of the information and research about cannabis has been geared toward men and their buying and consumption patterns. Although there’s a lot to glean from this dialogue, there’s so much more that can be gained by studying real women and their real-life experiences.

So, how do we know why women use cannabis? We asked them.

Over the summer, MyJane conducted a first-of-its-kind study revealing that a majority of Orange County women would consider cannabis to treat sleep issues, stress and pain.

The survey of 42,000 women documented the state of Orange County cannabis usage, detailing that up to 40 percent of respondents who experience stress and anxiety, poor sleep or pain turn to cannabis for relief, while 79 percent agree that their most common health and wellness issues can be addressed with cannabis products.

What was even more revealing, however, is that approximately 30 percent of recreational or medicinal cannabis users feel uncomfortable purchasing through a dispensary, with 79 percent of respondents expressing interest in trying a curated cannabis subscription service just for women. (Read additional study findings here.)

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